Sunday, 27 February 2011

Goodbye Antisemite, Hello Jew-Hater

Necmettin Erbakan, described as "the mentor of political Islam in secular Turkey and its first Islamist prime minister", has died aged 84.

Erbakan, who began the revival of orthodox Islam in a country that had until that time had ferociously kept a secular lid on political Islam, was a vicious antisemite and hater of infidels. In an interview on Turkish TV in 2007, he repeated a series of anti-Jewish slurs, deliberately conflating Zionism and Judaism, referring to Jews as "bacteria" and "disease", and blaming them for everything from the Crusades to the modern capitalist system.

The Milli Gazette, a daily newspaper produced by Erbakan, regularly publishes anti-Jewish and anti-Christian material for the consumption of the ordinary Turkish public. For example, an article in 2005 read:

"Some people in this country are mistaken in how they treat Christians and Jews. Such mistakes are harming not only the perpetrators, but also all the young Muslims of this land, and directly or indirectly, this country.

"Heading the list of these mistakes is the respect and reverence shown to Christians and Jews […] It is a mistake to include them in the protocol of meetings, to let them speak, to applaud them, to quote their words in the newspapers […]. It is not just wrong, it is a frighteningly grave mistake […]

"It is a mistake for so-called professors, writers, thinkers, and famous intellectuals to make 'sympathetic' statements about Christians and Jews. Particularly, to say that 'they too will go to heaven' is an even bigger mistake. […] Christians and Jews, who have rejected our Prophet and refuse to recite 'Mohammed is the Messenger of God' belong forever in Hell.

"In the eyes of God, there is only one religion, and that is Islam […] There is only one book, and that is the Koran. […]

"For so-called 'dignitaries' to present Christianity and Judaism as 'godly religions' is terribly wrong. […]

Not surprisingly, current Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan praised Erbakan today, saying: "We will always remember him with gratitude for what he taught us and for his persevering character." Erdogan is himself a virulent antisemite who denies the Armenian genocide.

Erdogan's mentor, Necmettin Erbakan, is perhaps the man most singularly responsible for causing Turkey to begin its slide from a secular, albeit heavy-handed, republic into a reverted Islamic supremacist state which is largely responsible for the ongoing attempts to colonise Europe with Muslim immigrants. He may now be gone, but his prodigy Erdogan is doing his best today to ensure that his legacy is not forgotten.

(N.B. As far as I understand, the image above was published a couple of years ago in a Turkish newspaper as part of a "Celebrity Lookalikes" feature. I claim no ownership of it.)


  1. Well when we talk about books of all religion they preach same thing. their are mans nehindf it who change meaning of holy books and change it according to their demands.

  2. i know erbakan very well. he is not a anti-semitist but anti-zionist. zionism is a idealogy about jew fascism. zionists beleive that the world is created for them, and all of humankind is their slave. it is not acceptable if you can see what they want to do. you can see at iraq war that they want to take "promised land".