Friday, 18 February 2011

Al-Qaradawi Speaks In Egypt

As many Western media outlets continue to equivocate about the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the support for the group among the Egyptian people, the truth can't stay hidden for long.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi is a controversial Muslim cleric who is often described as a "Muslim televangelist", a man whose sermons reach the homes of as many as 60 million Muslims around the world via his regular broadcasts on Al Jazeera. He is an immensely popular personality who has defended suicide bombings and wife-beating, and has incited genocidal violence against Israelis and Jews and predicted the conquest of Europe by Muslim immigrants. Oh, and he supports the death penalty for those who leave Islam.

He is also the "father figure" of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, as described in this recent article at Der Spiegel. Such is his influence that the group has even invited him to become its spiritual leader.

Today in Cairo's Tahrir Square, Qaradawi gave Friday prayers in front of as many as one million Egyptian Muslims. During his sermon, he praised the "revolution" and prayed for the Muslim re-conquest of Jerusalem. The "moderate" crowd raucously cheered his every word.

Feel safe yet?

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