Sunday, 6 February 2011

Islamophobe Becomes Shi'aphobe

What a turn up for the books.

Recently a man, Roger Stockham, was arrested in Dearborn, Michigan, for attempting to blow up a mosque with fireworks. Islamic leaders quickly seized on the event to condemn the rampant "Islamophobia" prevalent among white non-Muslims in America.

But it turns out that Roger Stockham isn't a greasy Islamophobe after all. He is in fact a convert to Sunni Islam who was trying to blow up a Shi'ite mosque. According to reports, Stockham rejected his initial defense attorney because he claimed that he was a Shi'a Muslim. Stockham also speaks fluent Arabic and has quoted Qur'anic verses during interviews.

I doubt we'll be hearing back from CAIR on this any time soon.

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