Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Erdogan Funfair Is Still Open

Genocide denier and genocide inventor

Following on from the psychotic Turkish PM's threat to deport 100,000 Armenians, he is at it again today as he once more publicly denied the Armenian genocide, before suggesting that "[i]n 1915 and before that, it was the Armenian side that pursued a policy aimed at exterminating our people which led to hunger, misery and death.”

The article also notes that Erdogan followed a similar line of reasoning last November when he stated that the universally condemned massacres of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Darfur, Sudan were not a genocide. “Muslims don’t commit genocide,” he said. He also said last July that "[t]he killings of Uighur Turks by the Chinese police during demonstrations constitute genocide."

Erdogan is a depraved menace. His comments accurately reflect the cognitive dissonance and displacement of responsibility which is typical of Islamic jihadists, and which is represented throughout the Qur'an. Muslims are the best people on Earth, you see (3:110), while unbelievers are the vilest of created beings (98:6). Therefore, whenever bad things happen, it can't possibly be Muslims' fault. Morally upright people like Muslims just don't do things like genocide - at least, not without good reason. Such supremacist attitudes successfully negate any meaningful self-reflection and moral/legal reform which is necessary to prevent more such atrocities in the future.

Turkey must NEVER be allowed to formally join the European Union.

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