Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Protect Rifqa Bary Against The Slanderers

Over the last few weeks, I have looked on in complete disbelief (and controlled fury) as the media and criminal investigators betray an innocent young girl.

I am referring to Rifqa Bary, the American Muslim girl who fears for her life after converting to Christianity, and angering her family in the process. Previously, I have dealt with the Islamic death penalty for apostasy and its implications for Rifqa here, as well as focusing on why it would be lethal to send the girl back to her home in Ohio.

But investigators and the media have ignored voluminous evidence of the threat to Rifqa's life, using every excuse in the book just so they can say that there is no problem with Islam or sharia law. See, for example, this post at Diana West's blog dissecting a hopeless piece of "coverage" of the Rifqa Bary story in TIME magazine.

At FrontPage today, Jamie Glazov interviews Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003. He is currently conducting a 50 State Counter-terrorism Research Tour (CTRT), and is collecting a huge amount of evidence relating to the extent that Muslims in America support the death sentence for apostasy. "I have visited over 200 Islamic Centers throughout America," he says. "The vast majority teach the worshippers ‘Apostates should be killed’ because it is a major sign of disrespect to Allah, the family of the Apostate is dishonored, and it may lead others to leave Islam."

Gaubatz is promising detailed documentation of his findings in the near future, but he provides one example during the interview:

Over the last three years I have conducted extensive research at Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Va. Islamic leaders and some of their worshippers provided me materials to understand ‘Pure Islam’. One such manual is “The Hudud” (Mandatory Punishments for specific crimes). The Arabic word for Apostasy is ‘Riddah’. Below are a few quotes from the manual recommended to me to study Islam and how to be a good and pure Muslim. Note: In 2007, I went through a ‘pseudo’ conversion (revert) to Islam at Dar Al Hijrah in order to obtain more in depth first-hand intelligence. A popular Islamic leader Yusef Estes was visiting Dar Al Hijrah and was my witness to the conversion. My complete discussion with Estes will be made available on my site as well.

From the Hudud:

[1] “Death for hudd punishment for riddah (apostasy).

[2] “Whoever renounces his religion, kill him.”

[3] “The Muslim who converts his religion, kill him.”

Nowhere in the manual obtained in Virginia does it inform a Muslim father to not kill their daughter in America if she were to leave Islam (as Rifqa Bary did). No where does it inform the Muslim reader to not seek death for the Islamic sin of apostasy. Contrary, the manual does state there is no “obedience due to” any state or ruler who contradicts the laws of Allah.

Real, honest investigative reporting is uncovering this sort of thing all over the place. Here is another example from none other than Harvard University. The mainstream media should be utterly ashamed of themselves for their failure to uncover and comprehend such obvious truths.

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