Wednesday, 2 September 2009

200 More Reasons To Ban The Burqa...

An Afghan soldier stands guard over a burqa used by a male Taliban suicide bomber to attack government buildings in Paktia Province.

At FrontPage, Daniel Pipes meticulously documents what, to my count, amounts to around 200 recent incidents (although I am admittedly somewhat mathematically-challenged) in which Islamic burqa-style covering was used by criminals and terrorists to disguise themselves in the act. Pipes then sensibly concludes that "these hideous, unhealthy, socially divisive, terrorist-enabling, and criminal-friendly garments" should be banned from public places.

Please note that when Pipes says at the end of the article that "
Islam requires that women wear neither niqab nor burqa", he is wrong, as I noted in this post, although he is absolutely correct in his immediately following admonition that "public welfare emphatically requires their public prohibition."

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