Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The BBC (Sort Of) Admits Reality

In this story at the BBC today, we learn that a leading Saudi cleric has called upon Muslims to stop praying for the destruction of unbelievers.

In a slip which is unusual for the BBC, Auntie admits that "A supplication to that effect [i.e. curses against unbelievers] is often reiterated at the end of every Friday prayer in Arab countries". Eventually even the Beeb has to admit that, greatly at variance with the sanitised fantasy upheld by many on the Left (and, for that matter, on the Right), "mainstream Islamic preaching" is largely responsible for the increased fanaticism of Muslims around the world. The article adds that this mainstream hate-preaching is "something critics say can radicalise youth". As they say: No Shit, Sherlock.

Of course, there are the usual qualifiers about the Saudis practising a "conservative" and "puritanical" form of Islam, but no mention of the fact that many parts of the Qur'an itself are, by any standard, hate speech.

The article ends thusly:

He said praying for the destruction of the unbelievers runs against God's law, or Islamic sharia.

However, he added that praying for their destruction should be allowed only if they were harming the interests of Muslims.

But in a climate where Muslims are widely perceived to be under attack in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Palestinian territories, Sheikh Salman's appeal will have little or no impact on those who think that jihad against the Americans or the Israelis is a perfectly legitimate exercise.

For them the problem is not Islamic preaching, but rather an unjust world where Muslims are oppressed by foreign powers.

Thus, in the end, the Sheikh seems to legitimise the jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan and, possibly, the killing of British and American civilians in the West. But, even if he was talking about legitimate self-defense, he apparently remains unaware that the Qur'an mandates offensive jihad, also, and thus that even if the Muslim world was not being "oppressed by foreign powers", it might continue to wage jihad against the West anyway.

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