Thursday, 5 August 2010

Religious Freedom and the Leftist Double Standard

That statue could be a symbol of tragic irony in years to come

The reasons why we must oppose the Ground Zero Mosque Project in New York - which has just hurdled another barrier to its construction - are complex and multi-faceted, and over at Front Page Robert Spencer highlights another aspect of this controversial issue: the double standards of the authorities.

He points out the plight of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which stood in the shadow of the World Trade Centre and was crushed by its rubble on 9/11. Today, attempts to have it rebuilt are mired in bureaucracy, with New York's Port Authority even going so far as to cut the proposed size of the building and insist that its dome not rise above a certain height. Meanwhile, building a thirteen-story mega-mosque - even one whose project leader is a liar and an advocate of sedition - is not met with any serious opposition at all.

In his most recent YouTube video, notorious atheist Pat Condell posits that the biggest threat to our Western freedoms may not be Islam itself, but the Leftists who appease and enable its totalitarian advance. There can be no better recent example of this in action than the mindless, but oh-so-tolerant, rush of New York's infidel leaders to surrender their land and their heritage to Islamic supremacism.

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