Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Muslim Innovations In Anti-Gravity

Just a normal day in Mecca

In this Telegraph article about the Islamic supremacist inititiative to replace Greenwich Mean Time with Mecca Time (which includes the construction of a triumphant "mega-clock" in Saudi Arabia that dwarfs Big Ben), we are treated to some of that world-renowned Islamic science we're always being told about (you've heard the story, we learned everything we know from them).

We're told by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi that Mecca is in line with the Magnetic North Pole, while Abdel-Baset al-Sayyed of the Egyptian National Research Centre insists that people in Mecca are "less affected by the earth's gravity".

Anti-gravity in the heart of the Muslim world? It appears that we still have so much to learn from these enlightened folks.


  1. BEN-
    kudos for your struggle against Islam. Just wanted to let you know that the magical levitating priest is a HINDU "RISHI" SAGE , which is completely opposite to Islam... take down that post lest somebody from the religion of peace pick on you..

  2. I agree with the comment, its an Indian Saint or Rishi doing levitation yoga, not a middle eastern arab...:))

  3. I agree with two before me , this has nothing to do with islam . If you want to knwo about islam go watch :

    When the moors ruled Europe
    Islamic Empire : Empire of Faith
    Hiddan islamic science
    1001 Invention Muslim Hertiage .

  4. I'd would say that it is a hoax picture. The secret is in the stick. if you put the camera from the side then you will know that it is not levitating.

  5. Its fake photo.

  6. ISLAM is a GREAT religion. Monotheism is at his core. Only one god Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.

  7. That photo is taken from a BBC documentary regarding fake saadus of India who claim to levitate. The character is an actor with a fake beard and hair...
    check it on Youtube!!!