Monday, 7 March 2016

Neo-Ottoman Turkey Exposing EU's Suicidal Idiocy

European Union leaders are currently holding a key summit with Turkey in Brussels on ways of dealing with the migrant crisis.

The EU is pressing Turkey, through which many migrants transit, to take some back in return for $3.3bn in aid. Turkey is reportedly asking for that sum to be doubled, and is also seeking a faster path towards EU membership and the speeding up of plans to allow Turks visa-free travel in Europe as part of the deal.

Only a willfully blind moron could fail to be wise to the fact that this is a deal that plays entirely into Turkey's sharia supremacist hands. In demanding extortionate amounts of money in return for stemming the migrant invasion, Turkey is literally demanding jizya as per its Ottoman forebears, whereby the Jews and Christians of Europe were forced to pay for their protection from marauding Muslim armies.

What's more, adding faster EU membership into the mix and potentially allowing greater Turkish travel inside Europe is a surefire way of replacing one Islamic invasion of the continent with another.

Turkey's slide into sharia has long been a cause of alarm for many secularists. Islamic religious schools are increasingly threatening the secular educational system; a popular musician was arrested and given a suspended jail sentence for blasphemy against Islam; and numerous military generals – who have traditionally been the guardians of secularism in the country – have been imprisoned on trumped up charges of planning alleged coups against the government. The ruling AKP party has also introduced new laws in recent years designed to restrict the sale and advertising of alcohol in line with sharia provisions. Antisemitism is rife throughout the country, as is the violent abuse of women (sound familiar?), and the Turkish government has been accused - quite credibly - of collaborating with ISIS in numerous ways.

It should also be noted that even before the migrant crisis that began last year, Turkey has long been known to be majorly responsible for the mass movement of Muslims from the Islamic world into Europe: regular flights have been organized for years between Rabat in Morocco and Algiers in Algeria to Istanbul so as to bring a sizeable number of nationals from those countries to Turkey and transport them thereafter to Greece-Bulgaria, en route to the EU. Turkey has also lifted travel regulations and visas with those countries, whilst it has no visa with Iran, thus promoting in effect the movement of Afghans and Pakistanis, as well as Iranians, into Europe.

And all of that time, PM Erdogan has actively encouraged those Muslim migrants NOT to integrate into their new European host countries.

Allowing freer movement for Turks within Europe, and ultimately the admittance of Turkey into the European Union, would be nothing less than an invitation to almost 75 million Muslims to proceed with a further mass invasion of Europe, driven surely by some secularists and minorities, but undoubtedly by many devoutly religious types holding to values that will culturally impoverish the continent forever.

In service of the Eurabia project, European leaders - who are certain to agree to some variation of the proposed pact of dhimmitude being reported today - seem willing and eager to sign the suicide note of our continent in exchange for the public appearance of doing something about a problem they caused in the first place.

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