Sunday, 28 February 2016

Eye On Islam Arrives At Twitter!

As you might have noticed, posting isn't exactly non-stop around here these days. This stems in large part from my own laziness, as well as lack of time. But it also comes down to the fact that there are so many great anti-jihad websites out there already, that it is difficult to post original material that hasn't been already covered in extensive detail by one or many of the other great commentators on the subject that are out there.

That said, I really do want to keep sharing content with the anti-jihad movement, even if I can't post detailed articles every day, or even every week. And so, for that reason, Eye On Islam now has a Twitter account. I am aware there is already an account with a similar name out there, and hopefully it won't cause any confusion.

Tweeting will allow me to post links to external stories and analysis on a more regular basis (i.e. every day), since it doesn't take long to do, and it will also allow me to interact a bit more with the anti-jihad community, as well as the world's various Islamic apologists, who will be receiving hefty doses of reality from me whenever they post deceptive nonsense for the credulous to swallow.

I will still post here when I can - and when I feel the subject is worthwhile - and will link any new blog posts to the Twitter feed. So if you are one of the single-digit count of people who read the blog, please feel free to follow me (I already have one follower!) and let's go out and spread the word.

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