Wednesday, 11 November 2015

BBC Shills For Inaction On Jihad Terror

So we already know that the Independent is pretty disgraceful, but let's not forget that the broadcaster we are all forced to pay for is not much better, either.

Today it has been publicising a report by the laughably named Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), claiming that "Government policies, including those linked to security and extremism, are having a 'negative impact' on British Muslims." It notes that according to the new report, 59% of respondents to the IHRC whined that unspecified "political policies" had negatively impacted their lives.

The piece comes without any criticism or opposing voice at all, except for a proforma Home Office statement right at the end, and also makes no mention of the fact this same "human rights group" earlier this year disgustingly named the murdered staff of Charlie Hebdo - who were killed by devout Islamic jihadis following Islam's totalitarian blasphemy law - as "International Islamophobe of the Year".

Essentially this BBC piece boils down to propaganda promoting inaction. It never seems to strike anybody as strange that with the possible exception of the Quilliam Foundation, mainstream Muslim groups have never, ever seen a counter-terrorism strategy or policy that doesn't "alienate Muslims" or somehow provoke Muslims into committing more terrorism. We therefore are left with no option but to do nothing at all about the threat of Islamic terror, or else implement insanely vague policies against "extremism" of all kinds, which leave the violent, fascist ideology that fuels the jihad essentially unchallenged, and demonises those who do try to challenge it.

Come to think of it, that's sort of how it works already.

And so once again our mainstream media attempts to beguile the public into thinking that there is something wrong with opposing Islamic terrorism, and promotes the views of those who seem suspiciously bent on ensuring that we do nothing about it, which will only allow it to flourish further.

It's almost treason.

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