Saturday, 11 July 2015

What You Can't Say in Britain...And What You Can

The sad decline and eventual suffocating death of our once-great country continues apace.

A regional newspaper in the Scottish Highlands has fired its founding editor Brian Wilson, along with the Free Church of Scotland Rev Professor of Theology Donald Macleod, after the latter discussed the spread of Islam in the UK.

Mr Wilson, who also writes a column for The Scotsman and was a minister in Tony Blair’s Labour government, was sacked for defending Professor Macleod.

And what did the Reverend say that was so horrible that he had to lose his job over it?

In his column on May 22nd, Prof Macleod wrote that all minorities prefer to keep a low profile.

He added: “Generations of British Muslims have done exactly that, many have made an invaluable contribution to British society, and many are perfectly prepared to listen quietly while Christians 'witness' to them.

"But when minorities become majorities, things change... in the event of Islamic dominance in Britain our friendly Muslim shopkeepers will have little option but to march behind the radicals."

Mr Wilson commented that the article was “leading on to wider questions about Islamic influence within Europe, including implications for democracy and freedom”. He added: “The precedent he quoted was what happened in Algeria between the fourth and seventh centuries, from Augustine to Mohammed, so in raising current issues he was - as ever - taking the long view of history.”

So there we have it: two journalists lose their jobs for discussing Islamic integration in a historical perspective, and defending freedom of speech.

Meanwhile, another victim of our country's rush towards accomodating the sensibilities of its new Muslim masters is Pastor James McConnell, a Christian preacher from Northern Ireland who faces the possibility of six months in jail for criticising Islam and calling it "Satanic".

Meanwhile the chief witness for the prosecution against Pastor McConnell, Dr Raied Al-Wazzan of the Belfast Islamic Centre, is on record praising Islamic State for making the Iraqi city of Mosul "the most peaceful city in the world" since it took over. ISIS has displaced 100,000 Christians from the city and abducted hundreds of innocent schoolchildren there.

Mr Al-Wazzan does not face any jail time.

So Mr. Cameron, what are you going to do about it? A minute's silence for Brian Wilson and Pastor McConnell?

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