Sunday, 26 July 2015

Ireland: The Vast Majority of 50 Muslims Reject Islamic State

Well, things just line up so nicely sometimes, don't they?

When I wrote my short piece the other day noting that Muslim rallies against Muhammad cartoons often draw in thousands of people, little did I know that just days later, we would see a more welcome counter-protest take place in Ireland.

The rally was organised by the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council to protest over the actions of Islamic State. The demonstrators gathered on Dublin's O'Connell Street to "distance Islam from the group, and show that it is a peaceful religion".

We all know that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and moderate, so it must have been a good turn-out, right?

Well...50 people is pretty good by Muslim standards, actually.

IS has been in the international headlines for butchering people in the name of their religion for over two years now, and yet according to organisers, this is "believed to be the first protest of its kind held in Ireland." Why is that?

And why - despite the fact that this complete lack of interest among "moderates" has manifested over and over and over again - does everybody continue to assume, for no reason, that the vast majority of Muslims reject Islamic State and its ideological kin?

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