Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Egypt And Forced Islamisation

Zeenahom Nady Adly

At Continental News, they have just picked up on a story which actually surfaced quite a while ago, but which has not, to my knowledge, been mentioned AT ALL by the English-speaking media except in this singular article.

It concerns a Middle Eastern journalist who believes that “one of the most explosive issues in the relations between Christians and Muslims of Egypt is the abduction of Christian Coptic minor girls, to force them to embrace Islam, after humiliating and demeaning them psychologically and morally.” A notable recent example is given in the case of Zeenahom (Suzan) Nady Adly, 19, a Coptic Christian girl who was drugged and abducted by Muslims to force her conversion to Islam. As the article makes clear, Egyptian State Security was complicit in the toleration of this blatant human rights violation, as were "nearly two hundred Muslims...with weapons intimidating them" into converting. Later, the Muslim community elected to have the girl and her family evicted from the village as punishment for her steadfast and courageous refusal to convert.

Luckily, Zeenahom lived to tell her harrowing tale, but isn't it funny how, despite Islam being a Religion of Peace, Muslims keep doing things like this, even in "moderate" countries like Egypt? And isn't it funny how the international community gives all the impressions of not giving a damn, even though the crimes committed in this case are more serious than anything committed by Israel, which is repeatedly condemned for defending itself?

Forced conversion of Christians is forbidden in Islam, of course (although polytheistic religions of all stripes are fair game, as per Qur'an 9:5). But note what happened here. The Muslim kidnappers did not literally force Zeenahom to convert to Islam at the point of a sword or the muzzle of a gun. They simply sought to convince her, but when she refused, they resolved to make her and her loved ones suffer.

Islam cannot coexist with Western secular, human rights-based traditions - it's as simple as that. And the sooner Western policymakers begin to understand that, the better off all free people will be.

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