Friday, 11 December 2009

Cairo Human Rights Group: "Arab Countries Fail On Human Rights"

A new report from the independent Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies reveals plainly what I have been saying here since I started this blog back in March - Muslim countries are leading the world stage today in terms of human rights abuses. The report also takes Barack Obama to task for his failure to take notice of this fact, which he could have addressed (but failed to) at his pathetic June 4th Cairo speech to the Muslim world. Obama - winner of the Nobel Prize for Nothing - is, of course, far more concerned with the fact that a few soldiers at Guantanamo played loud music to some terrorists.

Extracts from the article describing the Cairo human rights report are reproduced below. But don't worry: perhaps my occasional visitor who goes by the name of "Andrew McCann" will come along and tell us that this has nothing to do with Islam, and that only "losers" care about these human rights abuses.

The report by the independent Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies surveyed 12 countries and said that most of them repressed human rights activists, press freedoms, and discriminated against religious minorities.

The state of human rights in the 12 countries—Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen— "has worsened compared to 2008," the report said....

"Egypt continued to top the list of countries in which torture is routinely and systematically practiced," it said, adding that dozens had died in the country of torture or excessive force by police.

The report also found torture was "routine" in Bahrain, "rampant" in Tunisia, and practiced in Saudi Arabia against terrorism suspects.

Human rights advocates faced harassment in several Arab countries, with Syria, which has jailed dozens of democracy activists, holding the "worst record in this regard."

Religious and ethnic minorities also continued to suffer discrimination in several Arab countries, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the report said.

"Despite the Saudi regime's attempt to appear to champion religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue in international forums, in practice the national religious police continue to exhibit violent behavior," it said.

Egypt, where roughly 10 percent of the 80-million-strong population are Coptic Christians who frequently complain of discrimination, "is increasingly acquiring the features of a religious state," it added.

The report also said that US policies were "wholly inimical to reform and human rights in the region," and accused President Barak Obama's administration of abandoning support for reform initiatives in the Arab world....

The rights group's representative in Geneva, Jeremie Smith, warned at a press conference that Arab countries had exported attempts to undermine accountability to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

"Arab governments have largely taken strategies that they have perfected at a national level to avoid accountability, and they have exported them to the United Nations system," he said.

Regarding the Islamic subversion of the UNHRC, see here.

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