Monday, 3 August 2009

Muslims Persecute Christians - World Yawns

Robert Spencer beats me to the punch this morning in covering several recent instances of anti-Christian persecution in Muslim countries. He concludes with these apposite comments:

Destruction of lives and property over unsubstantiated charges that would be trivial even if they were substantiated. Kidnapping and forced conversion. Yet these incidents have received only scant attention in the mainstream media. And not only the international media, but also the human rights establishment and the United Nations, continue to take no notice. In their conceptual framework, only Westerners can do evil, and Christians cannot possibly play the role of victim. The sooner the world casts off these Leftist/jihadist fantasies, the better off we’ll all be. But there are no signs that such an awakening will take place anytime soon, if ever.

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