Friday, 7 August 2009

Mehsud Dead

It now seems very likely that the leader of the Taliban in Pakistan, Baitulllah Mehsud, has been killed by an American missile.

It is, of course, always good to see another Islamic jihadist reduced to ashes, but Mehsud's death will do very little to significantly affect the Taliban's mission in Pakistan because:

a) The Islamic ideology of the group has been completely ignored by all opposing factions, thus ensuring that no effective method has been devised to deal with its spread and implications. This was demonstrated on the BBC news tonight when a studio "expert" claimed that the Taliban's goal was to "make Pakistan an ungovernable country", as if they were just a bunch of teenage anarchists - completely ignoring the Islamic form of governance the group actually want to implement in the country.

b) Mehsud had pals in the Pakistani intelligence service, which will no doubt effectively stifle any further offensives against the Taliban in the wake of his death.

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