Monday, 15 June 2009

Taliban Jihadist Was A Villa Fan

How many more traitors are hiding in there?

A Taliban jihadist killed in Afghanistan was wearing an Aston Villa football club tattoo, it was claimed yesterday, raising fears British Muslims are being recruited to fight our troops.

A soldier injured in the ­fighting said: “It’s baffling. Why would these people leave ­Britain, where you have all the freedoms of a democracy, to stop Afghan ­people having the same benefits that are enjoyed in the UK?"

And that sums it all up. All the while half of British mosques are under the control of an Islamic sect that teaches hatred of Britain, and all the while UK government fails to understand or recognise (a) the traditional pedigree of the jihadists' ideology within orthodox Islam, and (b) the extent of popular Muslim support for jihadist ideology, it is guaranteed that more British Muslims will betray their country in this way.....or even worse ways.

Speaking of the recent discovery in Afghanistan, a Foreign Office spokesman said: "It is important that ­British Muslim communities make clear that they reject this kind of activity.”

Good luck with that.

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