Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Claim: Lebanese Refugee Camps Run By ISIS

David Cameron visiting a refugee camp in Lebanon earlier this year

Via The Express:

The Prime Minister has come under under fire after the International Development Committee, which is investigating the Syrian refugee crisis, received evidence that ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups were running the camps within the war-torn country, but also in Lebanon and Jordan where the majority of the 20,000 heading for the UK are currently based. 
A report by Barnabas Fund, an organisation which helps persecuted Christians across the globe, said Mr Cameron was told there were Islamic extremists within the refugee camps for displaced Syrians in Lebanon when he visited them in September, weeks BEFORE any of the refugees began coming to the UK... 
The Barnabus report said: "In September 2015 Lebanon’s Education minister Elias Bou Saab told British Prime Minister David Cameron during a tour of refugee camps that some Syrian refugees travelling to Europe were Islamists, adding that this was also the case among those living in refugee camps."

If these claims are true, then aside from being a further indication of David Cameron's cluelessness about the jihad threat,
they are validation YET AGAIN of Donald Trump's concerns over jihadist infiltration of the refugee influx, and confirmation that ALL Muslim immigration is inherently unsafe. Even if there are no ISIS operatives hiding among the refugees, that does not mean that there could not be sympathisers or lone wolves, and NO amount of vetting will eliminate this possibility.

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