Monday, 10 August 2015

Newsflash: Britain Soft On Islamic Jihad

A jihadist preacher with links to Osama bin Laden will be allowed to stay in the UK despite being denied citizenship because of his "extremist" views.

The unnamed Yemeni-born imam has spent more than a decade fighting for UK citizenship in a case that has cost the British taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds in court bills. He has been detained up to five times at British airports under terror laws and his home searched by Special Branch officers and "items" seized. He frequently travels to Yemen, a known hotspot for al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups.

And yet, the Home Office cannot deport the imam, who preaches at a large mosque in the north of England, because it would be a breach of his "human rights" to do so.

A study conducted by the Henry Jackson Society has shown that 28 foreign-born convicted terrorists and suspects have used the Human Rights Act to prevent their expulsion from the UK.

So how's that tough new anti-terror policy going, Mr. Cameron? And what about your "tough" negotiations with the EU over its ridiculous human rights laws?

Why, it's almost as if you're not doing the things you promised.

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