Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Fade To Black

"Life, it seems, will fade away / Drifting further every day"

One wonders what has to happen, how monstrous has to be the violence, before anyone in our Government will be hit by a cluebat, and actually begin to do something about the problem of jihad terror.

First it was David Cameron saying, repeatedly, that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam - and expecting our intelligence not to be insulted by his words.

Then we hear that there will be a minute's silence this Friday for the victims of the Tunisian jihad shooting - as if these people were just tragically killed by an earthquake, as if they just died because something happened to them and it's all very terrible and sad...as if these people were not savagely murdered by a group that has declared war on us, and wants to kill or subjugate all of us down to the last man, woman and child. This was not a tragedy - IT WAS AN ACT OF WAR. What is David Cameron going to do to win the war?

Nothing, it seems. Nothing at all, except - aptly - remain silent.

Then we see that our security forces have been engaged in a large counter-terror exercise today, revealing that rather than proactive action against the Islamic State and its ideology, we have been reduced to nothing more than simply waiting for the next terror attack to happen, and hoping that it won't be too bad. Maybe only a couple of people will die instead of almost three dozen.

And then we realise that the closest thing to proactive action that is being done is to try to identify school children "in danger of radicalisation", including the enlightening suggestion that "Homophobic views may be a sign that a pupil is at risk of becoming an extremist". We know this is sort of true - ISIS is, after all, famously homophobic. But we also know for damn certain that such an ideological marker will also be used to target Christians who believe that homosexuality is sinful as potential "extremists". In this enlightened 21st century Britain, we acknowledge that those religious types who do condemn gay marriage are ridiculous, ignorant and archaic - but we also know damn well that - unlike Muslims - they are no threat to anybody, and aren't going to do anything to gay people, except perhaps not sell them a wedding cake. And so we know that no useful purpose will be served by this pretense of government action and understanding.

This is the age of willful blindness and capitulation. Relax, infidels, it will all be over soon.

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