Monday, 3 January 2011

Aid For Rights

European Union funds going to ''countries which do not collaborate'' in protecting Christians and in preventing attacks ''should be reduced if not eliminated entirely''.

Did a European politican really say that?

Yes, and it wasn't Geert Wilders either. It was Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, speaking in the wake of the murderous attack on a church in Egypt that killed 21 Christians on New Year's Day.

Of course, it's not just the Muslim world's treatment of Christians that we should be dealing with. Aid should also be cut off from any Muslim country that teaches its children to hate Jews on its regional TV stations (as does Palestine), and executes those who "blaspheme" against Islam (as does Pakistan). But to hear a senior European politician propose something this outlandishly sensible and morally admirable is still very welcome.

Whether anyone will listen to Frattini - who added that "'Italy cannot stand alone, isolated in the worldwide battle in the world to make sure that Christians are not persecuted" - is another matter. Bat Ye'or has chronicled how the EU long ago sold its soul to the Devil - or, analogously, the Arab League, in her must-read book Eurabia. Still, Signore Frattini's moral clarity and straight-talking has to be commended.

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