Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Slide Into Sharia

Looking like a jackass while burning a wad of paper: now an arrestable offence in the UK

We saw recently how far our beloved country has sunk into full-scale appeasement and acceptance of Islamic law - against the will, and even knowledge, of the people.

That slide off the edge is demonstrated again today with the news that a gang of men have been arrested after filming themselves burning a copy of the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11 - and posting it on YouTube.

The arrest is logically stupid. The charge is apparently "suspicion of stirring racial hatred", which qualifies as unfair arrest given that Islam is not a race but a belief system, with the Qur'an as its manifesto.

I do not agree with Qur'an-burning, despite my known criticism of the book itself. I believe that the best way to deal with a book that says things you don't like is to write another book refuting it. Burning books is intolerant and childish. That said, freedom of expression is a vital cornerstone of any free society, and it is obvious that since no one, anywhere, is actually physically harmed by the burning of the book, and since the Qur'an is mass-produced in the millions around the world, this is yet another case of that freedom of expression needing to be protected.

Those who are scornful of the notion that Britain is being gradually Islamised, succumbing to Islamic law step by step, need only look at this case as their lesson. Here, plain and simple, Islamic law has been applied in Gateshead, when formerly British law - and British values which champion individual freedom of expression, even if that expression is offensive - would have seen no offence taking place.

Islam has won a small victory here. And all the while British authorities and law enforcement continue to see nothing wrong with such a flagrant contravention of the principles this once-great country was built-upon, Islam will win many more. The implications of these victories for our future, and that of the society we live in, are grave indeed.

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