Monday, 5 July 2010

Charitable Giving And Selectivity

"This is just a random Chinese man benefiting from random Islamic charity."

In this fantastic analytical article, the guys over at the Religion of Peace explore the mainstream Muslim charity Islamic Relief, which claims on its website that it pays "no heed to color, race or creed." But dig a little deeper and we discover that, like all Muslim charities, it spends its time giving almost exclusively to Muslims, and thus does in fact discriminate by creed.

For example, as the article notes:

Most of the 27 countries/regions listed on Islamic Relief’s list are majority Muslim. But the six that are not in this category are even more telling of where the organization focuses its resources. Three of these countries have very substantial Muslim minorities - Ethiopia, India and Sri Lanka – and only the Muslim regions of these countries are mentioned in the details (Kashmir in India, the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, and the Kalmunai district in Sri Lanka – the country’s only majority Muslim municipality ).

Only three of the countries listed as recipients of Islamic Relief aid have a small enough Muslim population in which the identity of the aid recipients might otherwise be assumed to be non-Muslim by the casual observer. These are Kenya, China and Malawi.

However, in the case of Kenya, Islamic Relief touts its work among the Mandera ethnic group, which is Muslim. The two minor projects in Malawi are focused in the Chikwawa and Nsanje regions, where the Yao Muslims are concentrated. And in China, a nation that is only 1% Muslim, Islamic Relief does work in the remote Gansu region, one of the most heavily Muslim provinces in the country.

But what of the genuine relief efforts in totally non-Muslim areas?

Of the £8.7 million in individual grants received in 2007, the vast majority was from non-Islamic organizations in the West. Only 20% came from Islamic groups, almost all of which was specifically designated for projects assisting Muslims. Amazingly, Christian charities (including Christian Aid and the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) actually accounted for just over 10% of the individual grants received by Islamic Relief – or nearly half of that donated by Muslim groups!....

As with all legitimate Muslim charities, the donations that Islamic Relief receives from non-Muslims exceeds by far the amount of aid spent on non-Muslims. The organization is simply passing along non-Muslim aid to non-Muslims (and probably benefitting from the window-dressing as well, since such a large amount of their funding comes from non-Muslim donors).

All of this underscores the fact that Islam is a supremacist ideology that discriminates - in so many ways - against all those outside of it. This discrimination even extends to charitable giving - an area in which the West has demonstrated its selfless superiority over past decades.

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