Wednesday, 19 May 2010

UK: Acid Attacks Rising

Not bad, just "different"...An Afghan acid attack victim

The massively negative consequences of the Leftist multicultural project are highlighted today in the news that acid attacks in service of cleansing "family honour" may be on the rise in Britain. Hospital admission figures for the past three years show a steady rise in the number of people being treated for having acid thrown in their face. According to the NHS information centre, 44 people were admitted to hospital in 2006-07 after they were "assaulted with a corrosive substance". The following year the figure jumped to 67 and last year there were 69 admissions.

The severity of the acid problem is acknowledged well enough in the article, but, as usual, care is taken to assure us that this has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. Rick Trask, of Acid Survivors Trust International, observes: "You get attacks in Buddhist Cambodia, among Christians in Uganda and across south Asia, which has many different religions. It's not specific to one culture or another."

That may be so, but the problem is that while acid attacks in service of honour cleansing are on the rise, Cambodian Buddhists and Ugandan Christians do not make up a significant portion of incoming British immigrants, while Muslims make up a much more significant number, thanks mostly to Euro-Arab cooperative agreements since the early 1970s. It is telling that despite Mr Trask's claim that some non-Muslim societies practise acid attacks and honour killing, every other specific country that is mentioned in the article is predominantly Muslim: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Kurdistan, and Iran. The only exception is India, which although primarily Hindu, nevertheless has the third-highest Muslim population in the world.

That this is mostly a Muslim problem is confirmed in the findings of a recent study highlighted by the prominent American feminist Phyllis Chesler, who points out:

Although Sikhs and Hindus do sometimes commit such murders, honor killings, both worldwide and in the West, are mainly Muslim-on-Muslim crimes. In this study, worldwide, 91 percent of perpetrators were Muslims. In North America, most killers (84 percent) were Muslims, with only a few Sikhs and even fewer Hindus perpetrating honor killings; in Europe, Muslims comprised an even larger majority at 96 percent while Sikhs were a tiny percentage. In Muslim countries, obviously almost all the perpetrators were Muslims.

Although there is no specific sanction in Islamic law for honour killings or acid attacks, the fact remains that pervasive Islamic attitudes towards women and the concepts of shame and honour mean that such acts are broadly tolerated in the Muslim world. For example, in 2003 the Jordanian Parliament voted against introducing harsher punishments for honour killings and violence. According to Al-Jazeera, they did so on the grounds that such a law "violated religious traditions".

These are the realities that must be confronted by our leaders if the rise in honour violence is to be halted. Sadly, though, it seems very likely that with the ascension to power of the Dumb and Dumber Lib-Con Coalition in the UK, real action to preserve human rights (which, as we have seen recently, are so often misapplied) and halt the dangerous and stultifying cultural transformation of Western societies is getting not closer, but further away.


  1. There is nothing to suggest that NHS patients admitted for burns are all acid burns and that these are committed by ethnic minorities. This is scaremongering - acid violence should not be used as a tool for scaremongering. There is no evidence to support any generalisation except that the perpetrators are thirsting for revenge. The info including the picture is misleading

  2. ASTI,

    The contents of the Independent article I linked to speak for themselves, and your charge that my post is "misleading" is completely unwarranted. And besides, I never said at any point that "NHS patients admitted for burns are all acid burns". You made that up.

    Try telling the girls in countries like Afghanistan and even "moderate" Egypt who are regularly attacked with acid by Muslims that this just "scaremongering". By the way, the girl in my title picture was one of a group of students and teachers attacked with acid while walking to school in Afghanistan, and hence is not remotely "misleading" given the subject of my post.

    Your organisation does an enormous disservice to the victims of acid attacks, as well as to the overall cause of human rights, by refusing to ackowledge the widespread Islamic acceptance of such acts and the assumptions that lead to them, meaning that this barbaric ideological framework cannot be confronted or reformed, thus perpetuating the cycle of violence you are supposed to be preventing.

  3. No it doesn't speak for itself. Like you care about these victims. You're just using their misfortune to make a cheap political point. For shame.