Friday, 30 April 2010

Not Religiously Motivated

Just plain insanity:

A British Muslim has shown 'no remorse' after desecrating a town's war memorial with extremist Islamic slogans, a court has heard.

But the Crown Prosecution Service has decided that graffiti proclaiming future world domination for Islam, glorifying Osama Bin Laden and calling for the assassination of the British Prime Minister, 'was not religiously or racially motivated'.
Of course not! What are you, an Islamophobe?

Shah admitted spraying the words 'Islam will dominate the world - Osama is on his way' and 'Kill Gordon Brown' on the plinth of the East Staffordshire Borough Council-owned memorial, on December 10 last year.

He was given a two-year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £500 compensation to the council, plus £85 costs.

That'll teach the young rapscallion!

Defending solicitor Mumtaz Chaudry dismissed any belief that Shah held extremist views.

He said: 'This is nothing to do with his religious beliefs, his family's beliefs or his cultural beliefs. He is just an ordinary guy.

'He is remorseful but, at the time of his interview, he was simply answering questions and didn't realise that was the right time to show remorse.

'He has no extremist views, his action doesn't help the bad reaction in the community.

'It was uncalled for, but we make mistakes. It was a stupid mistake and he is determined not to repeat it.'

All that hate was just a joke, you see. Give him a glass of milk and let him simmer down and he won't want Islam to dominate the world anymore.

This is modern Britain, and only UKIP can reverse its inexorable decline into dhimmitude.

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