Sunday, 21 February 2010

Truth To Power At CPAC

Every year, conservative activists in the US hold a political conference called CPAC - the Conservative Political Action Conference. This year's CPAC was made particularly special by the presence of a panel discussion on the second day entitled "Jihad: The Political Third Rail", which was organised by Pamela Geller of the blog Atlas Shrugs, and Robert Spencer of the excellent Jihad Watch blog.

The event featured a number of speakers whose courage and moral clarity is so urgently needed in greater numbers across the Western world today. You can read a summary of the event here.

As well as Geller and Spencer, both courageous champions of anti-jihadism, there was also Wafa Sultan, the brave former Muslim who is best known for a heated debate she had with a Muslim cleric on al-Jazeera TV a few years ago. She is also the author of A God Who Hates, a stunningly powerful testimony of her apostasy from Islam, and an indictment for her former religion:

“September 11th was tragic, but infiltration of Islam is a subject of equal concern” she said. ”We must fight it.”

Then there was Stephen Coughlin, formerly the Pentagon's only expert on Islamic law, who was fired following pressure from Islamic infiltrator Hesham Islam:

“The 9-11 commission has been completely undermined. You cannot defeat an enemy you are not allowed to define. By definition, this administration has no strategy to defeat this enemy since they refuse to define it.”

And then where was Col. Allen West, a Congressional candidate whose clear-thinking I discussed at this blog recently:

“Is that our leaders MUST be held accountable for national security. War on Terror? NO. A nation does not go to war against a tactic. A nation goes to war against an ideology. Islam is a totalitarian, theocratic political ideology that seeks to control the globe and which must be stopped.” West continued: “We must regain the initiative against this enemy. Current rules of engagement are crippling and killing our soldiers. We are paralyzing ourselves with political correctness. Identifying the enemy is NOT profiling, it is trend analysis and common sense. When tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide. As Ronald Reagan once responded when asked to define victory, ‘WE WIN – THEY LOSE.’

True heroes, all.

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