Monday, 25 January 2010

Crazy Iranian Conspiracy Of The Week

The state-controlled Iranian TV network Press TV is claiming that the Haitan earthquake was caused by a US weapons test aimed at Iran that went wrong.

Citing Venezualan and Russian sources (which also impressed the delightful Hugo Chavez), the report claims that "United States Navy test of one of its 'earthquake weapons' which was to be used against Iran, went 'horribly wrong' and caused the catastrophic quake in the Caribbean". Yes, that's right: the Great Satan was apparently planning to cause a deliberate earthquake in Iran.

The only surprise here is that it wasn't the Jews who were to blame. After all, what about the sneaky snake assassins?

N.B.It is also worth noting that among Press TV's employees is that demented far-left maggot, George Galloway.

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