Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Geert Back Here!

Geert Wilders: the only politician in Europe worth listening to

Some good news at last from the dhimmi state, my home country of the UK:

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders has won an appeal against a Home Office decision barring his entry to the UK.

Here the BBC is trying to scare you. Wilders is "far-right"...booga-booga! This is simply the left-wing Beeb's way of saying that Wilders' views are beyond the pale of respectability and civilised discourse, with an added implication that he is a white supremacist or something just as bad. In fact, he is not, but you wouldn't know that from reading this article.

The Freedom Party leader, who has been accused of Islamophobia, planned a UK visit next week, his solicitor said.

The Home Office said it was disappointed, and would decide in "due course" whether to fight the ruling.

A spokesman said: "We are disappointed by the court's decision. The government opposes extremism in all its forms.

"The decision to refuse Wilders admission was taken on the basis that his presence could have inflamed tensions between our communities and have led to inter-faith violence. We still maintain this view."

In fact, all Wilders would have done is what he has done already: hold up a mirror to Islamic societies and demand that they be seen as they really are. Any violence that would have occured would have been committed by Muslims opposed to his presence there, and thus his point would have been proved.

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