Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Obama's "Puzzling" Approach to the Muslim World

Raymond Ibrahim has a thoughtful article on Barack Obama's appeasement of Islam and the dangers it presents, especially when one considers the President's Muslim background - in other words, he should know better.

I ought to head off any doubts by saying that I do not believe Ibrahim is here endorsing the view that Obama is a Muslim. If he is, I repudiate such a view. Obama is not a Muslim - that's a smear that won't quite go away - but on the other hand, the fact that he once was a Muslim is almost beyond dispute.

As I have stated here before, Obama's suicidal approach to the global jihad can be best explained by the fact that he is a classic Leftist - such liberals having a long track record of supporting and appeasing not only radical Islam, but other totalitarian ideologies, as well. The years he has spent imbibing radical Marxist doctrine from his self-loathing "progressive" friends was bound to make him a dangerous appeaser once he entered office. Next to this, his Muslim background really doesn't mean anything.

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