Monday, 23 March 2009

Why This Blog Exists

The purpose of this blog is to provide a politically incorrect analysis of the role of the religion of Islam in current affairs. In particular, I aim to raise awareness of how Islamic theology and law itself - not just the radical "misinterpretations" of a few "radicals" - are increasingly driving believing Muslims to commit acts of violence against non-Muslims (or fellow Muslims who are considered insufficiently faithful). This violence goes under the general label of jihad.

In the modern age,when the liberal mainstream media has succeeded in shutting down all open discussion of Islam's role in current world conflicts, and of the mainstream Islamic teachings that motivate such violence, an analysis that looks squarely at the truth is more vital than ever. If we wish to end the violence being committed in the name of Islam, and prevent the Islamisation of the West at the hands of a rapacious jihadist movement that will stop at nothing to implement Islamic sharia law globally, we must understand the ways in which Islam motivates acts of violence. Without such an understanding, the West can and will fall to Islamic totalitarianism. For those in doubt, the record of Islam in history demonstrates that even the mightiest empire can fall to Islamic jihad, in all its forms.

Another purpose of this blog is to chronicle the ways in which Islamic teachings lead to the large-scale oppression of religious minorities in Muslim countries. Inspired by Qur'anic injunctions that decree the eternal inferiority of unbelievers compared to Muslims; Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and atheists face varying degrees of persecution in all Islamic countries - even here in the West, where Muslims make up the minority.

I will also examine the totalitarianism that is sharia, in all its unpleasant glory. Sharia is a fascist political system that denies freedom of conscience and speech, as well as freedom of religion. Although sharia is not fully in force anywhere in the world today (Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan practice nearly-complete forms of it), its effects can still be felt, and this blog will explore those effects.

Finally, I will draw attention to the inherent misogyny of Islam, which has brought, and is still bringing, suffering to millions of women throughout the Islamic world and among Muslim communities here in the West.

This blog will be semi-regular; I will try to update it at least a few times a week, with analysis of current news stories as well as original articles exploring various aspects of Islam. It should be noted in advance that the following are NOT positions that I hold:

- Hatred of all Muslims or belief that all Muslims are terrorists
- Deporting all Muslims from Western countries
- Nuking Muslim holy sites
- Pre-judging individual Musims based on the contents of their holy book or the actions of their co-religionists.

And so on. You should be able to figure out the rest. This is NOT a racist blog (Islam is not even a race), and I oppose bigotry of all kinds (which is why I oppose the jihad ideology that is central to orthodox Islam).

I hope visitors will learn something from my posts, and I look forward to seeing new faces of all kinds and creeds joining the resistance against the jihad ideology.

As-Salamu 'Alaykum

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